Marine Harvest ASA (OSE: MHG): EUR 340 million Convertible Bond Agreement 2015/2020 ISIN ISIN NO 001 0748742 - Conversion of bonds

Reference is made to the stock exchange release issued on 16 November 2018, where Marine Harvest announced that bondholders representing an aggregate principal loan amount of EUR 211,200,000 under the EUR 340 million five-year convertible bond issued by Marine Harvest in 2015, maturing on 5 November 2020 (ISIN NO 001 0748742) had elected to convert their bonds into shares.

The conversion has now been completed and Marine Harvest's share capital has been increased by NOK 121,258,402.50 through the issuance of 16,167,787 new shares. The share capital increase was registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises on 22 November 2018 and following such registration Marine Harvest ASA has a share capital of NOK 3,870,297,892.50 divided into 516,039,719 shares each with a par value of NOK 7.50.

Following the conversion, EUR 0.3 million remains of the outstanding principal amount under the aforementioned convertible bond, and cash settlement will be paid in accordance with the bond agreement.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.