EUR 340m convertible bond

Issue date: 5 November 2015
Maturity date: 5 November 2020 0.125% coupon in semi annual arrears (on 5 May and 5 November)
Conversion price: EUR 13.6347
Last adjustment made in February 2018
ISIN NO0010748742

Marine Harvest has the right to call the Bonds after approximately three years if the value of the Marine Harvest shares underlying one Bond on the Oslo Stock Exchange (translated into EUR) exceeds, for a specified period of time, 130% of the principal amount of a Bond.

Download Term Sheet EUR 340 million convertible bond here.
Download Bond Agreement EUR 340 million convertible bond here.

NOK 1250m bond

Issue date: 12 March 2013
Maturity date: 12 March 2018
NIBOR + 3.5% in quarterly arrears (on or about 12 March, 
12 June, 12 September and 12 December)
ISIN NO 0010672827

Download Term Sheet NOK 1250 million bond here.
Download Prospectus NOK 1250 million bond here.